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About Grooming Gorgeous Mobile Spa

Hello, my name is Liz. I am a qualified and experienced pet groomer and the proud owner of the Grooming Gorgeous Mobile Pet Spa. I have created a calm and safe environment where your pet can be pampered on a one-to-one basis. We recognise that some pets can find the traditional grooming salons stressful due to a number of factors including travel, other pets and lots of environmental stimulus. I come to you in the fully equipped mobile spa with massaging hydro-bath, specialty products, electric grooming table and all necessary equipment to give your pet the service they would receive at a salon, but without all the hassle, stress and noise!

The Grooming Gorgeous spa operates using a completely self sufficient, state of the art van. Unlike other mobile services, use of a power point is not essential so you do not have to worry about having a parking space available directly outside of your home or worrying about trailing cables coming from the van into your home. The spa is kitted out with modern and professional equipment giving you, the owner piece of mind that your pet is in extremely safe hands. We have a hydro-bath on board which provides your pet with a spa like experience where warm bubbles will help invigorate the skin whilst luxurious shampoos and conditioners help to nourish and re-hydrate the coat. Our electronic grooming table can be lowered to the floor which allows large or elderly dogs to be able to step up onto the table. This is much more comfortable and safe for them. We carry a wide range of specialty products and equipment each designed and chosen to enhance your pets grooming experience.

We offer a free health, behaviour and style consultation on your first appointment which allows us to meet you and to learn a little more about your pet. During this time we can discuss any concerns you may have, how you would like your pets coat styled, and it will also allow us to check the condition of your pets coat and locate any lumps/bumps, matting, dry skin, irritations, infestations etc. We will ask you to complete a client registration form during the consultation. After the consultation your pet will be taken into the spa where all bathing/styling is carried out. Once beautification is complete, your pet is brought back to your front door where any aftercare and maintenance of your pet's coat can be discussed.

Our facilities are suitable for most sizes of dogs and we are fully insured. We can provide anything from a shampoo and blow dry to full styling. We also offer a number of add on treatments; please see "Spa Packages and Treatments" for more information on these.

Grooming Gorgeous believes that regular grooming is an important part of your pets well-being and after each visit they will leave the spa feeling simply furr-bulous!

Why us?

  • Experienced, qualified and fully insured
  • No driving to the grooming salon
  • No need to leave your pet for the entire day or plan your entire day around your pet!
  • Pets are groomed from start to finish right outside your door
  • Individual attention with one-to-one grooming